Pipefy Super User Program ⭐️🏆

  • 27 October 2020
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Pipefy Super User Program ⭐️🏆
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Every Doer has a unique story and context behind why they joined the Pipefy Community, but everyone helps us toward a common goal of creating the largest community of change-makers in the world. 


We are proud of the community we are building together and we want to give special users extra fuel to make it even more exciting for all of us and recognize users that achieve extra miles with Pipefy.


To help grow Pipefy Community we are accepting nominations and applications for the first Pipefy Super User Program. This program was built for people interested in helping others and leveling up their Pipefy experience. 


Why apply to be a Pipefy Super User?


Are you enthusiastic about process management? Eager to solve problems? Is Pipefy one of your most-used tools? If you thought “yes” to any of those questions you are the perfect candidate to help other Doers thrive in the community and boost your career by helping you to solve more challenges your organization is currently facing. 


If you are accepted into the program you can expect:

  • Early Access to Beta Features

    • Hear about and join Pipefy betas before anyone else!

  • Invites to be Featured in Pipefy Webinars

    • Join us on stage to share your go-to tools and best practices.

  • Free Access to Online Events and Conferences

    • Win promo codes to join our events for free.

  • Champion Badge & Label in the Pipefy Community

    • Everyone in the Pipefy Community will know that you are a selected Pipefy Super User. 

  • Share your knowledge by collaborating on Educational Content

    • Produce and share content to help other users achieve their goals

  • Win Cool Customize Swags

    • Win t-shirts, mugs, food vouchers, water bottles, and more!   

  • Access to a private Slack channel for Pipefy Super Users 

    • Access to a Slack and workspace connecting Pipefy power users all over the globe

  • Run local events to meet other Doers in your region

    • Host workshops and events to grow your network 


How do I become a Pipefy Super User?


Request to join our Super User Program via this link and let us know that you are interested. 


We are considering applicants for this program until December 31st. We are looking for a small group of Champions that are eager to help users get more out of their business process know-how and advance their own knowledge of Pipefy. 


Curious to learn more about it? Maybe you already have some questions? 


Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:

3 replies

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Amazing!! @Eduardo Kano @rebeca.venancio @Ricardo Palhares @ivan.novofoco @Sarah Lane 


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Cool ! Who has good solutions will spread his/her knowledge for everybody...

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Amazing initiative! :grin::rocket: