How can you show your team the results you’ve achieved with Pipefy?

  • 30 September 2020
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How can you show your team the results you’ve achieved with Pipefy?
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A Success Case is a detailed usability and outcome report, in which you register your customer’s results using Pipefy.


In this article, we’ll teach you how to design a Success Case, so you can present your results internally to your team and managers.

Note: Always remember that a Success Case has a well-structured Success Plan behind it. (Read about it here and learn how to make your own.)


Why should you share your work results internally and create a Success Case?


By evaluating real usage data, you can verify the transformative power of the platform. It’s a way to see the results you’ve achieved after a certain period using the tool and strategize about how you might want to optimize your processes moving forward.


This is an excellent approach to engage, motivate, and give visibility to the good work your team has done after Pipefy’s implementation.


Based on this report, you’ll be able to validate the tool’s use within your company and promote your results and the goals you’ve achieved for your company’s teams and managers.


Step by step plan to creating your Success Case:

  1. Review your Success Plan

The Success Plan is the document in which you list the main goals for using the tool, any perceived challenges, and your criteria for measuring success.


When you review this plan, you’ll want to confirm that there are no upcoming changes in your team’s goals or focus. It’s extremely important to complete a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your criteria and expectations. Talk to your team, collect feedback from people that are using the platform, analyze reports, and compare how processes were managed before Pipefy’s implementation.


  1. Define which period you want to analyze 


You can select any period of time after implementing Pipefy. Quarterly, twice annually, and annually are commonly selected timeframes for analysis. Once you’ve refined your processes, you might consider a monthly report.


Note: At Pipefy, we usually start examining results 30 days after the end of implementation, followed by 3 months of use and, then, 1 year.


  1. Collect usage data for this specific period


  • Data you have access to in your organization:

    • Submitted cards

    • Finished cards

    • SLA

    • Number of automation rules

    • Number of records in the database

    • Number of pipes


  • Data you can request to your Account Manager (CSM):

    • Submitted cards

    • Finished cards

    • Connected cards

    • Sent template emails 

    • Automation jobs 

    • Number of active pipes

    • Number of active admin

    • Percentage of active users


Note: To request this data, get in touch with our support team via chat, and request “data for creating a Success Case”.


  1. Calculate Return on Investment

The return on investment (ROI) considers the average use of the advanced features (automation, email templates, and connections) and the amount paid per month for using the tool. This calculation indicates the percentage of the investment that has already been reversed based on the investment made. You may use the file attached here to help you make this calculation. 


  1. Design your presentation

After determining your ROI, set up a presentation to visually document the results. If you need to save time, you can download our Pipefy Success Case template at the end of this article.


This document contains information such as:

  • What does success look like for your company?

  • Which were the main goals you had when implementing Pipefy?

  • How many workflows were created?

  • How many tasks and activities have been created and completed in the period?

  • How many hours were saved by the advanced features (automation, email templates, and connections)?

  • What are your new goals with the tool and what are the next steps to optimize Pipefy’s use and value delivery for your company?


When you finish your Success Case, you’ll have an important showcase to inspire other teams. It’s also a great way to register the results you’ve achieved using the tool.


It’s a pleasure to be a part of your success story! You can count on us!

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I just did not find the template ;)

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I just did not find the template ;)


Hey @jorge-barbi! You can find the templates here

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