How to work efficiently during COVID-19

  • 5 June 2020
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How to work efficiently during COVID-19
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We understand that most companies and teams are going through challenging times, changing the way they work.

Pipefy is a work management tool to help you automate and centralize your processes no matter where your teams are located. We created a few templates based on our customers' experiences during this time to help your team stay connected while remote.

During this webinar we share these processes with you and demonstrate how Pipefy can help you with more tips and best practices as well. Click on the video below to watch this webinar.  



8 replies

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Hi Felipe.  In a new thread, would you share what other tools Pipefy uses for productivity, collaboration, etc…


In addition to Pipefy, our firm’s top ones are ZohoConnect & ZohoAnalytics, Airtable and an industry-specific CRM.  We also just launched a company-wide task management pipe based on David Allen’s GTD methodology.  We think it’s going to be a game changer for productivity and efficiency!

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Our partners are loving to use Pipefy to remote work!! :heart_eyes:

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@Jody Poland Here at Pipefy we use a few collaboration tools that really help us get the most of our remote work routine! 

  • First, we use Pipefy extensively across multiple teams for IT security requests, purchase processes, marketing design, content creation requests, etc. 
  • Second, we use Slack for short and simple communication needs. For complex discussions, we use Zoom as our main videoconference internal solution. 
  • For project collaboration, we use Google Sheets and Google Docs. They are part of the G-suit apps :)  I also recommend using Jamboard to facilitating feedback and brainstorming sessions.  
  • Last but not least, we use QultureRocks for enforcing our values while working remotely and creating a radically candid environment that encourages team members to share feedback and praise others in public. 

I hope that was useful! :) 

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Hi Felipe, greats tools!

Whats tool for do the video trainning can you recommend?


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@gonzalo9 I would definitely recommend Zoom. They have a version of their product that is called Zoom Webinar that allows you to define panelists and create a webinar-like experience. 

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Great topic @Felipe Scholz , it sure has been challenging moving from office life to full remote in a few days, but now that we’re used to it it’s become the “new normal”, right?

Besides the tools you already mentioned (my day wouldn’t be half as productive if we didn’t have Slack), I’m also a google docs heavy user when it comes to keeping track of information I want to access from multiple devices. I used Evernote for that before and it was super helpful, but not I’ve been using docs and it’s super useful for airheads such as myself that tend to forget things if we don’t write it down (or add it to our calendar).

That’s another useful strategy, I add everything to my calendar, even it it’s a call to help a colleague or something I’m working on my own, that way I get to the end of the day actually knowing what I accomplished for the day! :grin:

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I had never heard of before, that’s really neat! +On the Slack comment, that’s absolutely essential!
One AMAZING tool I personally love is Workona. It essentially allows me to create multiple workspaces in Chrome (works with Firefox now too I think) for different projects or themes (e.g. hiring, project 1, project 2, budget, learning, 1x1s, etc..) and then have open tabs stay in that workspace and also bookmarks stay in there. That way I can bounce around different type of work during the day without being overwhelmed by tabs! They have some other features too but tab management and workspaces are #1 for me. Also, it’s Free!

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@savicbo I never heard about Workona before! I'll take a look at it, it does look amazing.