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Product Hacks: QR Code and Public Form Integration

  • 22 June 2020
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Product Hacks: QR Code and Public Form Integration
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QR code (or Quick Response code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode). A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.


In other words, it's a link that your smartphone camera can read. 


Pipefy's start form can generate a public link that allows anyone to create a request from outside our software. This link can be easily configured  as a QR code. Ok, and so what?


The QR code can be an easy way to fill a reimbursement form, travel/facilities, or any HR request directly from your mobile.


Here is a quick guide on how to configure that: :

1- Create a Pipefy start form 

2- Turn this into a public form by clicking on the button “Share” on the right side of the form (image below) 



3- After that , enable the public form button, generate a public link and copy it.




 4- After copying the link, you need to go to a free or paid QR Code generator website. You can easily find one  just by typing it on Google. I personally recommend this one: Note that this is a free app and it might not suit your company's security policy.


5- Just paste the link on the front page and wait for the QR code to be generated.


6- Download the file to your computer. 




7- You are almost there! You already have the QR code. Now, you can use it anywhere like: your website, print and put on a meeting room, an instagram advertisement, your product package and so on. Basically anywhere your customer, or an internal stakeholders  can read it using their smartphones.


I hope you like it! 

8 replies

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@Rica Thx for the tips! I can see this being implemented in different use cases :)  Thank you very much! 

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@Ricardo Palhares Great to hear that! I would love to hear how you intend to use this in your day-to-day operation! 

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@Rica As my work has a lot of involvement with new management models and cultural change, I have imagined that would be nice to create a corporate communication to put these QR Codes in common areas like restaurants, vehicles, rest area or coffee shops, for example. So people who work outside the office in industrial plants, sales or field operations could have easiest access to request services from IT, HR and maintenance, for example. 

It would be a great case of digital transformation.

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Ow that’s nice @Ricardo Palhares, I’m really happy to hear that. If you were able to implement that on your processes, please share it with us! 

Ps. We already have some customers doing that and all feedbacks are super positive! 

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@thaiannelourenco and @erickgouveia , this is a really good improvement for our form! What do you think?

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@thaiannelourenco and @erickgouveia , this is a really good improvement for our form! What do you think?

I agree. But I think this can be more useful for a face-to-face presentation than online files or on our website. By the way, it should be useful to capture some e-mails for our CRM, using the public form as a kind of capture page. Let’s try.

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@rebeca.venancio @thaiannelourenco @erickgouveia Just some ideas, I've seen customers using onsite on their offices too like: meeting rooms, vending machine, "maintenance requests", etc. 

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@Felipe Scholz and @erickgouveia thanks for the sugestions. They`re a really good ideas. :blush: