What to do if your login is blocked?

  • 26 June 2023
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What to do if your login is blocked?
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👉🏼Identification of a block on your account

After you try to login to your account and make a mistake 10 (ten) consecutive times your account will be blocked for access as a security measure everywhere you try to access. The block is characterized by the message "Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts":

Another image that can also appear in case of account blocking (even if you are not a member, you may be blocked from answering public forms):

❓How to unlock your account

When this message appears, you can contact Pipefy's support team thorugh the email support@pipefy.com mentioning the situation, and the email address that needs to be unlocked. 

If you cannot use email, you can ask an Admin or Super Admin in your organization to open a chat with the support team directly on the platform.

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support@pipefy.com this email id is inactive do you provide any alternative option?

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Hi Migdad, how are you?  In this case, I suggest you to open a chat with us, so we can change your e-mail login, sounds like a plan?