Is there a Pipefy Changelog?

  • 25 August 2021
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It seems that new features are introduced over and over again, which is awesome, but only for major once we get a post about it here in the community. Could we get a changelog also for changes that others might consider significant?


Examples of changes I noticed in the last weeks:

  • search that works for more than just the title
  • automations that can not only be filtered but sorted


As this here is a community forum: use this thread, users, if you notice changes, so we will get a changelog by ourselfes!


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8 replies

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This is a great idea. 


I noticed a change on the Pipes page recently:



I think it’s just the design of these buttons that’s changed, but I don’t remember seeing a Templates button before either. 

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Great topic! Everyday I got our users informing that something has changed on pipefy, usually with good feedback, but when it is related to design, buttons position, icons, they get a little lost. 

Would love to see this page ( get new news.

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I didn’t even know that page existed @paulonavarro ! Looks like it hasn’t been updated in a long time :(

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Yes, exactly, @paulonavarro, or the page (though that one works better for larger features).

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I am so happy with the tool growing everey day.

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Hello @genietim 


You can follow the changes in the news and announcements topic:

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@Lucas Democh aren’t only the “big” changes announced in that community area? I think @genietim is looking for something a little more granular. Similar to a patch report or other detailed change logs that you get with other applications.

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Hello, everyone. Hope you're all doing well!

Thank you so much for bringing this discussion up. 

As ​​​@genietim mentioned, we use our product roadmap for major releases and we tend to communicate here more minor releases. But it's very good to know that you'd all like to receive more news about minor changes, including UX/UI changes.

Therefore, I'm communicating with the rest of our product managers, to give more attention to these minor updates, and share here with the community, so you can all be more aware of the changes we are doing. :blush: