🎙 Meet a Superuser - Tim Bernhard

  • 31 July 2023
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🎙 Meet a Superuser - Tim Bernhard
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This month, get to know Community Superuser Tim Bernhard, owner of Bernhard Webstudio, to learn more about his experience using Pipefy.


> Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What are your interests and hobbies? What is your job, and where are you employed?


I am Tim Bernhard from Zürich, Switzerland. 

I am interested in everything computers (but also chemistry), and I like to read, swim, hike, and go indoor climbing. I am a full-time student (computational chemistry) and a part-time entrepreneur with my company Bernhard Webstudio. I offer software consulting services.


> How do you use Pipefy in your work routine?


My main experience with Pipefy has been setting it up for clients. Their use of Pipefy is quite diverse; everything from financial, HR, and CRM processes to projects or workflows. 

As I could implement anything they asked for, most of my time with Pipefy is spent writing code that interacts with the Pipefy GraphQL API. That is how I can implement the more complicated ideas and improvements they have. 


> How did you learn to use Pipefy?


All self-taught, I’d say, but of course not without using all the amazing resources in the Pipefy Community.


> What were the impacts on your workflow and processes after adopting Pipefy?


Pipefy allows me and my clients to organize scattered data and workflows. 

Pipefy also speeds up work by removing the need for many previously manual processes and procedures, such as sending follow-up emails, constructing and sending documents to clients, entering or collecting client data, moving projects between employees, and creating offers and invoices. 


> Which Pipefy feature helps you the most in your tasks? Which one do you like the best?


I would like to say connected cards to databases and other pipes. But, since they are not properly supported in the Pipefy App, I will stick with GraphQL API as it allows us to really extend and personalize various procedures and workflows.

>  What would you like the product team to work on?


The feature that we use very frequently is connected cards (to databases and other pipes). Therefore, I have high interest in all the features associated with that, but most importantly the support of them in the mobile app. Currently, it is impossible to open a database entry or connected card from a card.

By using the GraphQL API, we have augmented formula fields and the support of the connected cards in PDFs, which are two other highly asked for ideas I would also like to see in Pipefy someday.


> Tell us what it has been like to be a Superuser.


It’s been nice seeing the community grow, helping many people with their questions and problems, and seeing how Pipefy is used across many different companies and workflows.


> Anything else you’d like to add?


You can hire me to analyze your processes, advise you on what to improve or how to implement things, and to develop your custom integrations — with or without code. It would be a pleasure to help!

See you in the community!



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@genietim So nice to see more about Tim here! 

He’s with us since FOREVER! Creating content, bringing solutions and ideas to improve our product and event our community! 
Tim, thanks a million for everything we bring within the community!!