Additional Card Information from Webhooks

  • 17 May 2022
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Hello Pipefy team. I have been experimenting with webhooks to better automate our processes. I noticed that when I get a response, that the only information I receive is the card ID, and a pipe ID. Because of this, I have to execute an additional query to find the phase ID, and other information. Is it possible to have the webhook response include that kind of thing? It would be great if I could include all of the same information in the webhook response, that I could get in a query.


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Hey @michael-cope, how are you? I’m Marcos from Pipefy Engineering Team. 

In fact that’s how Pipefy Webhooks were designed, with a GraphQL flavor in mind and avoiding over or under fetching, since the card can contain many information like card values, information about the phases, emails sent and much more. 

Since each integration is unique, sending all the card information in the webhook payload could be too  much. 
With the card ID and this extra request, you can request just the information you want. 

But we want to hear you, what extra fields would you need in the webhook payload? 

Best regards,