Dynamically populate permissible values for a Card or Phase drop-down field via API

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We have a field on an external system which is a drop-down, for example;

UK Counties:




We want to ensure that the same field on a Pipefy Card has the same drop-down value list whenever the Card enters the Phase which has the County field.

Does the Pipefy API allow us to dynamically create the drop-down options for a “dropdown select” field. We can’t work that out from the API documentation, sorry!



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Hey Mark-theocentre, 

For now, we cannot update the options of the drop-down dynamically via the API.

Best regards,

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Hi @mark-theotcentre!
This is a good idea to register here with our product team. They will analyze the possibility to develop it in the future!😊

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Maybe you can solve this problem through a connection field with a table.

The table connection field would be "dynamic" in relation to active records in the table.

Thus, you could control these records and keep the connection field as if it were a drop-down.