What is "clientMutationId" used for?

  • 4 November 2021
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I see that “clientMutationId” is always needed as part of the GraphQL payload. But What is this for??

In the result from GraphQL always come back as NULL. In the Dev Docs says “A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.” Can I register a Client for the miutation?



2 replies

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Hello Ramón!

Cliet Mutation Id is not required to run a mutation. That’s why when you don’t specify it, the result will return ‘null’:

However, if you name your mutation by specifying a ‘clientMutationId’ of your choice, it can be better for you to diferentiate the mutations you run, making for a better organization and reading in your technical logs:


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Hello Reicado.. So any string I put in this field will be reflected as the name of the “person” making the mutation?