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  • 16 November 2023
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I would like to create an email template that includes a hyperlink to get to the phase form. I know how to do this without creating an automated email template, but it would be nice to do this with automated email templates. 

Right now, I’m only able to show the lengthy task links in the email template. My suppliers and users would feel more comfortable if they received an email with a hyperlink instead (i.e. “click this link” to submit details)


Long story, short I’m suggesting that there be a way to make phase-form links (aka task links) into hyperlinks on email templates. Any help, suggestions, or ideas for this?


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Hello, @carl-bulls 

To do this, open a card in the phase you want to share and click the share button at the top of it


Then, enable the function




Then, in the email template, use the current phase link dynamic field



Now, to customize the linked message, click on the HTML editor.


Copy the text highlighted in blue and return to the visual editor.  or copy here 




Now, type the text you want and select it then click on the tool to edit the hyperlink

Paste the text you copied from the HTML editor,  and then save;
Don't forget to Remove from dynamic field (Card > Currente phase link)


Ready, you have a customizable link directing you to the phase url


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More details on the use of dynamic fields


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Thank You!!! That works

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You rock @marcosmelo!👊🏻
Thank you!

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You rock @marcosmelo!👊🏻
Thank you!