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  • 27 June 2023
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Hi I am new to pipefy so please bear with me...

We have started a pipe to manage job cards for our small service business. The start form is completed for every new job with customer and job details. A lot of our customers are repeat customers so we have added a contact database connection to the start form which is successfully allowing us to add an existing or new customer to each form.

My problem is once a card has been created, and the card is opened in the app from within any phase, only the customer name displays and the contact card does not open from within the app.

This is a problem for our field workers who need to be able to contact customers when completing a job. Is there a way to allow access to the contacts database from within the app? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance. 


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4 replies

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Hi @Bryce-MNAG!

You can select the "Contact" field to diplays. Just configure which fields of your database you want to be visible. To do this you must select them under "Connected record subtitles", inside Database settings:




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Thanks @Lais Laudari 

I've just checked these settings but on the app it still displays like this…

Is there another setting somewhere for the app? It displays correctly when viewed online from desktop.


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@Bryce-MNAG I just confirm with the mobile team and in the app it will display just the “Record Title”.

You can register you feedback here for our produt team then they can evaluate the possibility of developing this function in the future.😄

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Thanks @Lais Laudari