@pipefy accounts inside my org

  • 6 August 2021
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Hello Guys,

Its normal to have @pipefy acounts inside our pipes?

Here a exemple of what happend to me today.



Best answer by Ezequiel Souza 6 August 2021, 22:02

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5 replies

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Hi Tobias

This access must be approved.  Usually during some support actions the support person ask if someone from Pipefy support can access the pipe or other things to check the issue.

If you or whom is requesting support approve it, the it’ll happens, otherwise when the support will access must ask the permission.


With regards.

Ezequiel Souza

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@Ezequiel Souza Oh Thank You, someone in the company requested support. I didnt know about this process, but thank you again

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@Ezequiel Souza do we pay for this seat? 

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My contract has 4 hours to design processes and support to new demands. I don't know if this "part" can be negotiated.


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@rafa15  looking at previous interactions I had with the Pipefy support, the answer is no, this additional Pipefy-user is not paid by you