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  • 3 November 2023
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Hello !
I'm having a problem with saving automations since monday, every time I try to create or change an automation the saving doesn't complete, it keeps loading forever. What´s the problem ? Can anyone help me?
Maria Clara



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6 replies

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Hi Maria


I suggest you to call to support.



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Hi @Maria.Clara.S !
Did you get any error message? If yes, could you share a screenshot, please?

As mentioned by Ezequiel, you could reach our support team out through the chat. 
Let me know if we can help you with anything else!


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Thanks !
I don´t received any message error, just the saving never finish …
I’ll show my screen :


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@Maria.Clara.S I've just reproduced the automation creation here with the same trigger and action and it saved as expected. Could you try clearing the browser cache and trying again, please?

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I just did this and it´s worked !!
Thanks for your help :)

Just one more thing, its worked to create new automation, but when I try to edit the problem continuos ...

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Hi, @Maria.Clara.S 

Have you tried to deleting and recreating  this automation that has this problem?  Or does it happen with every automation you try to edit?