Can Pipefy replace Sharepoint?

  • 11 June 2020
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My name is Michael Gruber and I work for UNICEF Canada.  I’m here because we have a legacy home brew workflow for requesting translation of documents and content.  This runs on MOSS 3.0 / Sharepoint 2007 and the servers are quite old and need to be upgraded.  The only problem is that the latest operating systems don’t support the old versions of Sharepoint so I’m faced with either upgrading sharepoint or switching.  I found Pipefy through an online search and it looks promising.  I’m not a programmer, but I do understand the logic in the workflow.  If anyone has seen anything similar to what I’m trying to accomplish, I’d really like to hear about it.



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Hi Michael, how are you doing today? So nice to see you here!!

Pipefy can be used to several workflows - you can even try it for free!

We also have a template store, where you can check templates for your process and adapt them if necessary.

I think this one may be useful to you and give you an idea of how it works:

You can check other templates there too and just a reminder, all templates are free :grin:

Let us know if we can assist you with anything else!

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Hi Michael,


I don’t have a similar experiences, but I’ll give you my point of view.


I have experienced sharepoint two times in my professional life (long time ago). Both of them because I have implemented a project management solution based on Sharepoint in its web version. 


In my opinion, Sharepoint is not a end user solution and is not a process management solution, althoug you are able to create workflows there. In many cases you will need an IT professional or a sharepoint experienced professional to do it.


For me, Sharepoint is collaboration and content management plataform and Pipefy is a business process management solution (and it is an end user solution). So, if you need a process management solution, as you mentioned, I strongly recommend Pipefy.


Additionally, I recommend that you consider in your decision proccess, help and support services and partners organizations.


I hope I have helped in some way.

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Hey @mgruber , just adding to what the other doers mentioned above, you can click here to check out a page with a comparison of the main aspects between the tools.

If you want to know more and get into specifics, you can reach out via the chat in that page and our team will gladly help or set you up for a demonstration with one of our Pipefy Experts.