Cards Aren't Moving Automatically on Specific Date

  • 28 November 2022
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Hello!  I’m trying to set up automations within my pipe which will send various email templates when it enters each phase, but it needs to send the email on a specific date. 

We deliver training so the delegates need to be emailed different pieces of information on different dates leading up to the course, as well as during the course.  I’ve tried so many different scenarios and conditions but I just can’t seem to get it to send the info or move the card on the date I specify.  I’m hoping someone can offer some advice?  (Hopefully I’ve explained it clearly enough)  Thanks


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Hello there, @support164! Hope you’re doing alright 😃. 

There is an article that might help you with this matter.

Basically, you’ll need to use the due date field in order to trigger your emails. Whenever the date in your card becomes overdue, the email template can be triggered. 


I believe this is the best way to proceed with your need. 
Hope this helps :) 

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@marcos.pedrosa Thank you for your support.  I’ll have a read of the article and give it a try.  Thank you 😊