Changing a Pipe configuration on Phases after implementation

  • 27 October 2022
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I create a Pipe and was started to be used a few months ago, however we review mapping process with other company stakeholders leading in the need to change Pipe configuration, is the any support to help to know if aI change the order what happen with the Cards that are in progress or recommendations (ex. complete all cards before new changes)? 

I tried to start a chat for support but the option failed


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3 replies

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Hello there, @danna-yenisei-morales-delgado

Are you in need to customize the flow of your process? 
Editing the phases, you can choose where you want your card to go next:

If you’re working with connections, you also have the advanced options that will provide you more resources to manage your flow. 

Please let me know if this the information you’re looking for, alright?

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Hello Marcos, thanks but if I have several Cards nos Completed yed, and are on the X Phase, and the new configuration will affect them rigth? should I finish all card in progress? Im agraid to do new configuration and loose progress.


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/hello @danna-yenisei-morales-delgado :) 

The cards that are already in the done false will not be affected. You can add more phases and change de flux of the process. You can even add additional final phases if needed. 

Is this the information you needed?
Please let me know :)