Clone Cards on the same Pipe

  • 15 December 2020
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Is there any way to clone / duplicate a specific card via graphql?

Best answer by lais_lot 15 December 2020, 15:45

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Hey Lucas :)

You can do this action with this query



   pipe_template_ids: 123465

   organization_id: 123456









You need to put the organization that will be the destination of this clone and the id of the pipe you want to clone

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As I understand it, this function duplicates a Pipe.



I need to clone only one card inside the same Pipe.

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There is a way, sure:

Use the createCard mutation after using the card query and just fill all the fields with the same values you got. You may have to also use the moveCardToPhase mutation if your clone should also be in the correct phase.

Btw., the way to do it with Pipefy’s automations: have a connected card field (“parent card” or something). Then, use automations upon creation of the card, (a) to fill all the values based on the values found in the parent card, and (b) move the card e.g. upon change of field as soon as all are filled & parent card filled too.

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Hi @Lucas Democh , there is no way to do this directly through graphql.

What is possible is to take the card in question, save the values and create a card with them, or make a pipe connection, it with itself, by autofill and create manually or via automation. Like @genietim said :wink: