Compatibility issues between templates and Outlook (Web version)

  • 2 March 2021
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We are using an email template in a pipe when a card is created but the requester who received it automatically reported that in the web version of Outlook the hyperlinks are not working correctly; they are intangible.



Did anyone else have the same problem? :sweat:



Best answer by Nicole Chiroli 4 March 2021, 14:14

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3 replies

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I unfortunately cannot confirm to have the same problem. Can you share the content of the E-Mail template (i.e. what link, where link, what HTML & CSS) so I can try to reproduce?

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Hey, @Eduardo Kano and @genietim! How are you? 

Some things can cause problems with Outlook. Some security blockers that may affect it but also, Outlook does not meet the same standards as other email servers like gmail, yahoo, thunderbird,  etc. These emails accept formats that Outlook doesn’t, that is why it is ofter misconfigured. For Outlook, the recommended is always to use HTML and CSS 1.0 that is supported by them. This link shows you what outlook supports in terms of technical tags and HTML and CSS properties. :wink:

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Thanks @genietim and @Nicole Chiroli ! :grin: