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  • 15 July 2020
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Hi team, we are working with a project which the cards will be created by email, we were planning to redirect all emails from the generic mailbox to pipefy email address, but now they are saying that the forwarding rules are not allowed as per their global security policies. Do you know of a different process on how to create cards from Generic mailboxes?


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Hey @Karla Hernandez, from what you mentioned it seems like the restrictions are on the side of the email inbox you’re looking to forward to Pipefy, am I right? In that case, I’m afraid there’s not much we could do, besides asking the system administrator to enable that possibility.

To create cards in Pipefy via email you need to send an email to the pipe’s unique email and we have several users that redirect from generic inboxes (such as but we can only control things from our end - the redirect part really depends on the ability to do so from the settings of the original inbox.