createTableRecord GraphQL API issue

  • 7 September 2020
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I have been trying to create a record in the table and it seems there is a bug. The “title” field in the createTableRecord API does not pick up the value from the request body. The mapping seems to be wrong in the backend. 
The updateTableRecord works fine and the updating of the “title” could be done using this API. But this definitely is a double work.



1 reply

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Hi there! I checked out your table on the database table you’ve shown, and saw that the title field of the table is the “gendr” field. Here’s a screenshot of the query result

It’s expected behaviour to override the title command if the field that’s used as a title is filled in. As shown in your screenshot, the field is filled out with the value “Male, which in turn made it the record’s title. It will only become the title if the value of the field used as a title is null.