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  • 24 January 2022
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Hey. I’m new here and need some help please. I want to set up a process to send a link to new potential customers.

  1. A form to gather basic info about the new customer - this will be used throughout the process to apply for our service
  2. Customer must then upload KYC docs or integrate a KYC platform directly to do verification
  3. Integrate with Docusign to sign the agreement

Can someone please help me with this? Where do I start?




Best answer by Lucas Democh 25 January 2022, 14:11

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2 replies

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@titomagalhaes @Lucas Democh Any ideas or best practices to share?

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Hi @ruben23 

Welcome to the Pipefy Community.

I'll give you some good practice tips and below a suggestion of an integration scenario using the integromat:


  1. Search for Pipefy's pre-populated links. This feature can be used to facilitate your customer's experience. For example, you can get a personalized link for individuals and legal entities.
  2. Use separate fields for each document, so you can create automation that standardizes file naming, as well as ensuring that your customer will send all the necessary documents.
  3. For the address fields, if you are going to ask for this information, create a field for each information (Street, Number, Zip Code, ETC). This way you guarantee that the customer will respond to the full address.


Below is a simplified scenario where I take the information received on the card and use it to create a document in Docusign and at the same time create a folder in Drive and save the documents received.

There are many possibilities for improvement in this proposed scenario, but I would need to better understand the details of your process.


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