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  • 19 August 2021
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Its there any way of when we answer an email to a card, the images of the signatures dont be attatched to the card every time someone tag the email?


Best answer by Lais Laudari 24 August 2021, 22:01

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7 replies

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Hi @tsartori how are you doing? 
Can you give more details about it?
If you could send a screenshot it would help me to unsderstand you doubt!=)


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Hi @lais-laudari, not too bad and you?

For example, all this images are the same cause we were using the outlook mail, so the attatchments are the mail signatures from our team, and it keeps adding more and more every time someone answer the email that the card is linked with.


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I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m very curious to see if someone does. We have the same issue with the image attachments coming from email signatures. Will follow this thread to see if there’s a way around this. Thanks for asking this question!

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I got it now!
Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the images of the signatures being attached to the card! =/
I suggest you to share this idea on the Ideation Section! =)

Have a nice week!

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Hi @lais-laudari 

Will do it soon.

Thank you

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Hi all, is there a way to attach a signature to email templates ?

I would like to use a signature to each automated email sent that used a template email...

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Hi @chrgilles how are you doing?

You can create a signature inside the email template for each template, or even create a signature (in this icon on the image below inside the card) and add it to each email template you send. For this last option you should send the template manually to select the signature.