How can I automatically Process Incoming E-Mails?

  • 21 March 2021
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I distinctly remember that at some point, it was possible to process content of incoming E-Mails in Pipefy. I would think something like “when E-Mail is received, set this attachment’s field value to the attachment of the E-Mail”, or “...set the E-Mail field to the sender’s E-Mail”, or “...set this short text field to the E-Mail subject”.

Is/was this true? Is there still a possibility to do that? I know that there is an automation upon incoming E-Mails, but I could not find any option to access the E-Mail’s content, subject, attachment etc.


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Hi there! With Pipefy’s automation it was never possible to process the content of incoming emails in existing cards.

What we have is the email inbox feature, that allows you to create cards via email.

Specifically about your question, we can gather the content of the email only via integrations. With Pipefy’s API we can collect the subject/body/attachments of an incoming email and populate fields with the needed information.

Contact us if you are interested  in learning more about Pipefy’s integrations.