How to display more field on card

  • 28 March 2022
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I’m looking for a way to add more field to the card display on the kanban board. The card currently only display three default field. This is a critical function because the search function on kanban can only search for field that is displayed and not all field in the card. Thanks for help,


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3 replies

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Hi Jame


You need to add field into Pipe Configuration → Card Subtitle
The order is the same that will be showed when the card is closed.


Good luck!


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I’m already using that feature wich works well, a good idea could be also to have capability to give color background to cards to quickly identify them (idea could be to have some color border for example like shown here)
Here color could be a category and it helps to group cards
Thanks a lot



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@chrgilles : you might want to look into labels, they help greatly to quickly identify cards (and are colored, too)