how to share a file together from a parent pipe to a child pipe

  • 11 September 2022
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I have a parent process in which all the information is loaded to start the process, this process goes to a child sub process in which the participants execute their task each one simultaneously in different phases, but in some phases I need to share an attached file which is loaded in the parent pipe.

How can I access this attachment from the child pipe?


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Unfortunately Pipefy doesn’t have this feature natively speaking.  You need use additional integration like Workato to synchronize fields including attached files.


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but as I am the one who creates the pipes and assigns the phases I can see the attached files in the child pipe but the other collaborators cannot access these files coming from the parent pipe.

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and having to use an extra tool seems wasteful to me, instead of making the job easier it complicates it in something that should be available since it is loaded in the parent pipe but must be used in the child pipe.

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So sorry I understood that you want synchronized the attached file (from child to father).
In this case just the extra automation to do. 

In your case that the father has the attachment and you want to synchronize it with Child, right?

In this case you can use the automation native. but just can do When the card is created.

1) Create in the child the field type attachment

2) When a card was created → Create a connected card 


Good luck. 


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I share with you the solution: after a while of revisions what you should do is: in the parent pipe raise the access level to member and in the child pipe leave it with the restricted view only level (this is the level of access that the collaborators have in the organization), with this it is already possible to see the attached files in the child pipe.