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  • 6 February 2022
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Hi all
I get an issue when try to open a form added to a portal, with a message related to an embedded page.

When clicking on the bottom link i’m landing on a 404 page…

What could be wrong ?
Thanks for helping


Best answer by Juliana Spinardi 8 February 2022, 19:37

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3 replies

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Hi chrgilles

To embed a link in the form you can use a fixed text


The text (link) must be write between [ ] and the URL must be write between ( )
[Declaração de Privacidade](

I with good luck.

Ezequiel Souza

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Page was private that’s thé réa son why i cannot acces to it :grin:

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@chrgilles  how are you? 

We had a few issues yesterday but I was checking here and it seems now the system is stable. Are you still facing problems? 

You can check Pipefy status here: 

Thanks for using the Community :)