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I have a situation where we are attaching an item in Card A using a connected pipe from Card B.  While I can click on Card A and see the item being listed as Card B, but I can’t expand (Pop-up or Open) Card B.  Has anyone seen similar issues? Help appreciated


Best answer by Lais Laudari 4 May 2022, 21:57

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Hi @jpatel1 how are you?

Are you member in theses both pipes?

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yes, I am an Admin for both pipes


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@jpatel1 Can you open a chat with our support team?
Then we can better understand what is happenning this case and solve it!😄 


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Tried Chat option and it was in Portuguese and after filling all the details I was unable to initiate a chat…..How do I connect to a chat?  Please help

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Im sorry about that @jpatel1, we are improving the chat!

But you can select this option, as the image below: