Keeping a field at the end of the start form

  • 3 September 2020
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Is there a way to ensure that a field on the start form is always the last item on the form? 

I have a pipe with a substantial number of fields and conditionals (over 100). There are a couple fields/questions that I need to appear after all the other fields regardless of which conditionals are activated. 

Initially, I have configured my pipe so that those fields are the last ones in the list on the start form, but we will likely need to add additional fields in the future and I’d like to avoid having to reorder the fields every time I add a new one.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Best answer by Ricardo Palhares 3 September 2020, 22:19

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3 replies

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Hello @Sarah Lane 


Drag and drop fields in a start form is an option for you?


There is a suggestion to Drag and Drop Fields under consideration in Product Feedback forum.



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Hi @Ricardo Palhares. Being able to drag and drop the fields would be great! Thanks for pointing me to that other thread.

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@Sarah Lane You’re welcome!  :punch_tone2: