Move a card automatically when a date arrives

  • 24 September 2020
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Hi there,

I’m working on an Onboarding Process and would like cards to move to a “Done” phase after the date of their onboarding has passed. There is a field in our start form where card creators indicate what the Start Date is for the new person that’s being onboarded.

Ideally, I’d like to set up an automation that would move the cards to “Done” automatically once the Start Date from the start form is reached.

I found this post here in the community that seems similar to what I’m asking, but it relies on using the SLA settings on a phase. 

If I use the “When an alert is triggered” automation, it seems that only refers to SLA alerts. 

I don’t think using the SLA setting will work as a trigger for this automation I have in mind. 

Is there another type of alert I could configure or something else I could try?

Perhaps using the “Recurring activity” automation could work? I could set it to run once a day and to move the card when the scenario is: Start Date is Today?

Please let me know if you think the recurring activity option would work or if you have a better idea.

Thank you!


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Hello Sarah,

The Recurring automation with a scenario would work as you expect indeed.


The automation would start every 30 minutes and would check all cards for your set scenario.
If the automation confirms cards which have their ‘expected start date’ field as today → They will be moved to phase ‘Done’. Those that do not match the scenario won’t be moved.

That was a great idea!

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Hi @Sarah Lane , how are you? 


I would like also to add a point regarding the “When an alert is triggered” automation that you mentioned on your logic. When configure this automation you can choose what type of trigger do you want. So, besides of the recurring activity that Ricardo explained, you could use the “Overdued card” to move your cards to the done phase.



The difference between the 3 types of alert is:

  • Late card: means that the card is late in that specific phase, so this is related to the SLA on a phase;
  • Expired card: means that the card expired the total time in that pipe (you can set up this on the pipe’s configuration);
  • Overdued card: means your due date is overdued (an you can also add a conditional here to make sure the automation only move the card from a specific phase/case that you want).

The difference between them at the card:


Hope this helps you as well! :)

Let me know if you have any doubts!


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@ricardo-borges and @anne.winter great contribution! 

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Hi @anne.winter. I’m well, thanks. Hope you are too.

I appreciate the additional suggestion. Am I correct in understanding that the Overdue trigger only works if I configure one of my fields as a “Due Date” field rather than a normal “Date” Field?

And thanks to @ricardo-borges as well for confirming that my idea will work as expected. :relaxed:

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Hey @Sarah Lane , yes, that’s right! The overdued trigger needs a “Due Date” field to works!

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Hi @Sarah Lane How are you?

How are you configuring your integration? By API or through an app?


I have difficulties to make the integration, and I would like a tip where to start.

I've tried the zapier and also the integromat, but I had a lot of difficulty

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Hi @amanda_malaquias . I’m well thanks. How are you?

I’m actually not using any integrations with this pipe. I’m only using automations and the email templates to send data to another app.

What integration are you trying to configure?

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@Sarah Lane 

I understand now..


I am trying to use integromat, but I found it not very intuitive…..

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I haven’t used integromat before, but I’m sure the community can help you figure it out if you’re still working with it. Maybe you could start a new thread and explain what you’re trying to do? I’m curious to learn more about integromat and would be interested to see what the community suggests for you. 

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Great idea! @Sarah Lane 

Thank you for now