Move cards only by the phase approver

  • 1 April 2021
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In our case, we have a manager approval phase in a Pipe. So, at the suggestion of an audit, we would like to know if it is possible to block the movement of the card in this approval phase to next by other users, leaving it only possible for the approver?


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2 replies

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I do not think that this is straight-forward possible. I can imagine a few workarounds though. Example workarounds:


  1. 1. Have some sort of “password” field, that only the manager knows. Then, employ an automation: when this field has a different content, after the card has been moved to “approved” (or whatever your next phase is), move it back. Use a conditional to hide the field once it is filled in resp. when the current phase is the next one, so that other users cannot see the password. (NOTE: this is not very secure. Tech-savy users could find out the password).
  1. 2. Have a required field: required fields can be used to prevent the move of the card. Problem is, that anyone who has permissions to edit fields can edit the required fields too. I could imagine using the connected cards (or database?) field here: then, set on the connected pipes (or database?) that only the manager can create/edit/access the connected pipe. This way, noone else should be able to edit/change the required field to a value that would allow the move of the card.
  2. 3. Start with connected cards all together: have a separate approval pipe, which only the manager can access. Use the “All connected cards must be done before moving this card to the next phase” feature (see the screenshot below; together with the required connection field) in the pipe you have now to prohibit the move.



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Thanks a lot @genietim for the inputs. We are discussing internaly to choose what is the best options to us. I let you know if we have some problems, but, thanks again for the help! :heart_eyes: