Pipe "Dashboard" permissions for Restricted View Users

  • 9 November 2022
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  • We have a pipe with ‘restricted view users’ so they only work on their items.
  • However, we’d like them to see the dashboard charts.


  • We’ve set the permissions to read only for them in the dashboard permissions.
  • They are seeing no data in the charts (they see empty charts)


  • these are role permissions set for dashboard
  • This is what the user’s see - the charts/ but no data in them (whereas I can see the data fine)



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3 replies

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Hello there, @Keto-Faster!
Hope you’re doing alright 😀

Per default, only members and admin will access the dashboard information. When you grant additional permission via dashboard settings, restricted view users can have access to the data, though they’ll only see the data from cards they are assigned to. 

Restricted view users in kanban mode will only see  cards created by them or those which are assigned to them. This will reflect when showing dashboard information. 

For test purposes, just assign a card to a restricted view user and check if the user can have access to that information via dashboard. 

Just let me know if I can assist you any further on this 😀

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Thanks @marcos.pedrosa 

Many of the cards in this dashboard’s output she is assigned to. But none are showing up.

So it seems to be something else beyond this.

Is it something to do with connected fields? (these are set as filters in the charts) - but again, she has at least read access to these/ and uses the values in them - so I don’t know why they wouldn’t be showing.


I did this test:

  • I create a chart with only cards assigned to this team member
  • the output is as per below for me:
  • In her version she is not seeing any of the cards with a dimension value attributed to them - only the ones without values.


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Thanks for all these details, @Keto-Faster!


I would like to know, the type of access that person has in the pipe, can you tell me her email, please? So I can do an analysis.