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  • 3 November 2022
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  1. A field is on start form which shouldn’t be used by the user
  2. An automation fills it


  1. To prevent users modifying it we make it a hidden field (conditional)
  2. When a field is hidden it seems that the automations don’t work?


  • Can you confirm this is expected behavior for Pipefy? 
  • Am I missing a simple way to have non-user fields and have them updated in pipes?

Potential Solution:

  • If the API doesn’t have the limitation of automations (hidden fields not updatable) we could use the API to update the fields (if this is the best option, can you confirm that API works with hidden fields?)

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5 replies

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> When a field is hidden it seems that the automations don’t work?

I cannot confirm this, quite the opposite, automations work perfectly fine with hidden fields.

Any details you could share how you got to this conclusion?

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I have several automations to update the hidden fields since start form and phases. All runs as expected, including showing them in others phases (after updated by automation).

Good luck!

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Thanks @genietim @Ezequiel Souza  - we’ve had some automations not making the changes with hidden fields so I assumed that was the pattern, I’ll dig in further and let you know what it was.

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Hello there, @Keto-Faster 
Hope you’re doing alright 😀

It’ confirmed, you can update hidden field by automation and you can even update visible fields with hidden field content. I have a video where I show how to clear fields using the content of an empty hidden field. Even though it´s the opposite scenario you are looking for, it might help to see the automation in action. 

If you’ll need further assistance, just let us know, alright? 😃


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Here there is a video showing the automation filling a hidden field, @Keto-Faster