Recurring Task Creation in Pipe with Backlog Phase

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We have a pipe for managing tasks with these phases:

  • Backlog
  • To Do
  • Working on it
  • Done for Review
  • Done

This works well for managing tasks, we use the backlog to add things that aren’t completely defined, draft or not high priority yet.

People start working on them with due dates when moved to “To Do”.

The issue is for recurring tasks that we have weekly and monthly - looking at the recurring automation I’m not sure how to:

  • Create a new task that is then moved from backlog to “to do” phase

Is there a way to use two automations to do this perhaps? However, you’d need to be able to check it’s an automated recurring task before moving it, perhaps with a specific task type field e.g. Manual, Auto.

Would love any experience shares around this or thoughts. Thank you.


Best answer by julia-pinheiro 8 July 2022, 14:18

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Yes, it’s possible to do that. Steps:

  1. Create in the startform a radio field with two options: manual and auto.
  2. Create the automation:
    • Trigger: When the cards enters a phase
    • Action: create a card
    • Ps.: In the fiel created you set a fixed value: auto


This article may help you:

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Thanks @julia-pinheiro much appreciated!