reverse quote - How to automatically create 1 quote for each item added in the parent pipe

  • 30 November 2023
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Hello friends.

I'm developing a reverse quoting solution and will describe my challenge for help.

I have a main pipe called Purchase Order, where the customer fills in a list of products and the quantity he needs.

Each ordered product generates a list of items in another flow called Order Items.

After approval steps, the backoffice selects suppliers to fulfill the order in the main flow and based on this selection, a quotation item is generated for each supplier in the Quotation flow.

My challenge is to generate an individual quote for each item for each supplier automatically, from the creation of the quote request in the Quote flow.

The supplier will respond to each item with information on price, date, etc.

I have tried different ways and have not been successful. Help me think of a solution please.

2 replies

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Hi @pedro-docclick, how are u? 


A new automation has recently been implemented, which is capable of making calculations using value fields. If I understand your question correctly, perhaps this automation can help you with your problem. Have a look at this article, please? 

If you have any more questions, just call me 😎


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I presented a webinar using a very similar case.


I also handled the separate items in a second Pipe.


The part of sending quotes to suppliers is possible, but for that, you would need a table of possible suppliers per item.


Do you have this table?


I thought of the following flow: