Set SLA based on card priority

  • 25 March 2022
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Is it possibile to set SLA for a card in an specific step of the flow based on a custom priority field?


Here is my scenario:

I have a custom “select from list” field labeld “priority” which accepts values from 1 to 5 (such that 1 indicates the highest priority and 5 the lowest). I would like to set a shorter SLA when priority is higher.

I could create 5 different columns, one for each priority level, but that would make the pipe confusing.


Best answer by Rodrigo Subirá 25 March 2022, 18:03

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Hey @gabriel-oliveira4, in this case you can create automation rules to update a due date field of that card, based on relative dates. For example, when you fill the Priority field with 1 → update the value of a due date fiel with +2days; and, when you fill the Priority with 5 → update the value of the due date with +2weeks.