SLA feature for public holiday

  • 19 June 2020
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Hey Guys, does any one knows if it is possible set up the SLA feature not to consider Public Holidays?


Best answer by Leonardo Carreirão 26 June 2020, 15:30

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@Jefferson Dourado Unfortunately you can't. In the Late alert, you can only measure by calendar days. On the other hand in the Expired alert, you can measure either by calendar day or working days. 



This would be a nice feature suggestion to post in the Product Feedback category. I also need this pretty badly in my process :) 

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Hey @Jefferson Dourado , as @Peter mentioned unfortunately that’s not possible with Pipefy’s native features, but please feel free to send it as an improvement suggestion in the product feedback section of the community!


Hello @Jefferson Dourado I have recorded a video that shows how to do that using Zapier and Google Sheets. Check out the video below to learn how to enable SLA for working days and public holidays.