Some data is being dropped (earlier captured) in pipefy tickets

  • 28 March 2023
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Dear Pipefy Team,

We have observed that some fields of few tickets have not been captured - updated. Although it came as a surprise to us and wondered if the user has not filled in or selected through a database, it was mentioned in the ‘Activities’. About few days back, we were not sure and so updated many tickets manually (actually it was a re-work; double the efforts), but now we have seen that ‘somehow’ or for ‘some-reasons’ such data capturing is missed in the tickets. On that Friday, 24th March 2023, we had actually re-filled / updated such 200+ tickets.

Rather than such general statement, we will like to bring those instances before you, so that you / your team can help us identify issues and handle it, avoiding duplication of work and unnecessary time-cost. Kindly check for the following tickets in the “3 CHC” pipe of our company

  1. Ticket number 590813515, created on 19th October 2022 10:25:37 (Indian Standard Time IST). In here, an engineer was assigned in the ‘Engineer Assigned’ phase which can be verified from ticket’s ‘Activities’ of 20th October 2022. But the ticket is not holding that engineer (picked / linked to database) nor it is showing any record of removal / deletion of that engineer in its ‘Activities’
  2. Similar is the case of ticket number 596580989, created on 2nd November 2022 18:09:36 IST. The engineer was assigned on 4th November 2022.
  3. Similar is the case of ticket number 618277823, created on 29th December 2022 00:14:08 IST. The engineer was assigned on the same day 29th December 2022.
  4. Similar is the case of ticket number 627274188, created on 18th January 2023 12:04:17 IST. The engineer was assigned on the same day 18th January 2023.
  5. Similar is the case of ticket number 640470634, created on 3rd February 2023 11:15:09 IST. The engineer was assigned on the same day 3rd February 2023.


These are only few examples of such missing / DB dropping issue. Actually, we don’t know how many more tickets and in how many pipes which issue is there. But should we be actually bothered by these. Yes, as per reporting and analysis from the same is not appropriate.

So, we need your team’s help on the matter and review from all available backend database as to why and how such things are happening. And more importantly, how do we take corrective and preventive action.


We await your side reply / response.

Thanks and regards.





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Hi @Kaamini, hope you are good!
In this case, the best way we can help you is through our support team as they can investigate what happened and check the logs.
Could you please open a chat with them?
Use the help icon on your organization's Pipefy page, select “Contact support,” and one of our specialists will be there to assist you (7 AM-10P M GMT-3, Mon-Fri).