Tracking payment received using pipefy

  • 29 March 2022
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Our business is based on milestone payments with final amount changing in the process. Is there a way to track payment received and remaining amount using pipefy? Thanks.

3 replies

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Hello James!

If you create a Pipe to control payments, so that each payment corresponds to a card, it is possible to define specific fields for each amount (paid or payable) and then export reports to analyze these values.


Pipefy is a tool that is fully customizable and adaptable to your business model. Let me know if I can help you more.

Good luck!

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Hi @alicereis ,  thank you for the response. I think the diffculty is missing a calculated parent card. For example.


Project size: $20000 

Payment 1: 2000

Payment 2: 8000

Payment 3: 8000

Payment 4: 2000

I can easily track this with pipefy if the overall payment is consistent. If the client want to add more scope and some of the payment is paid, then it’s diffcult. The example becomes

Project size: $25000

Payment 1: 2000 already paid not changing

Payment 2: 8000 already paid not changing

Payment 3: 10000 revised

Payment 4: 5000 revised

I’m hoping that if I change the overall project size amount, payment 3 and payment 4 would be automatically change as it’s a child payment under the parent total. Would this be possible? Thanks.

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I think I understood. In this case, you would need an automation that calculates the remaining amount and updates the payment amount on the child cards.

Unfortunately Pipefy's automations don't do numerical calculations, you would have to manually update future payments or use a 3rd party integrator to run it automatically.

Integromat/Make makes this type of automation possible, as long as there is a rule (e.g. split the amount evenly between the remaining payments).