💎 Integrations | Approving through email

  • 20 December 2022
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💎 Integrations | Approving through email
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Hello Pipefy Community,


This week we will share with you the Pipefy integration with Pipefy.
This recipe aims to customize pipefy for an approval can be done through the email template. The purpose of this recipe is to speed up the approval process without the approver having to leave the email box to approve/disapprove a request. The recipe contains the following steps:



Trigger - When the webhook link fires


1. Action - Get all the card information from Pipefy

2. Action - Check if the button pressed was approved or rejected

3. Action - Return the answer to Pipefy



Most common use case: Purchasing process, financial processes in general, vacation request, recruiting and any other process that needs approval.

Click here to access the recipe in our library. You can clone it to your organization and follow the step-by-step configuration provided in this video.

There are more than 40 recipes shared in English on the Workato Community. Every week we will post a new integration here in the community and we will be able to use this space to exchange information regarding this topic. See ya next week!

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