Reach success in Procure-to-Pay operations

  • 21 September 2023
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Reach success in Procure-to-Pay operations
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  • Accounts Payable: Leave behind the manual tasks of organizing invoices and sharing receipts with the procurement team, requesters, and suppliers – Pipefy does it all for you! Everything is managed automatically, from internal communication to suppliers.

  • Purchasing: Enhance the standard of your purchasing process, standardize requests to ensure comprehensive information and don’t miss any crucial details. Additionally, generate reports automatically to make data-driven decisions!


  • Supplier Management: Streamline communication, never miss payment deadlines, provide excellent onboarding, and cultivate a healthy relationship with suppliers.

💡 Connect your process with other tools to unify your operations, avoid errors, and never miss deadlines.


With custom integration, you can integrate with different systems, like:

Deep dive into possibilities:

👉🏼 Pipefy for Purchasing: Create automated approval flows

👉🏼 Pipefy for Purchasing: How to track the status of submitted requests

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2 replies

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Very good!

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Hey there!!😀

Thank you😊 for highlighting Pipefy's capabilities in automating Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and Supplier Management processes. The integration possibilities with ERPs and other tools are intriguing for optimizing our workflow. I'd appreciate more details on how Pipefy can specifically address our organization's procurement challenges.