Drag and drop fields to edit phases and start form

Hi there, it would be awesome if we could drag and drop fields in a start from instead of having to move them one by one to reorder fields. While building a start form or editing a phase you think about improvements that could be made to the process. But if you create a new field that should be at the beginning of the start form or phase you'll have to do it one by one manually. 

Customizing Pipefy using drag and drop it would be amazing, @elaine25 ! :grin:

@elaine25 Thx for the feedback! This is a major chance that would definitely make our customers life easier! I'll share this feedback w/ my team internally! 

This would greatly help! 


The Purchase Req. form that I’ve created has 100 fields (counted) along with field conditions. Having the ability to drag and drop a field would take the GUI to the next level. 

This would be amazing.  And maybe the same functionality could work with the drop downs.  If you created a long list whether in the start form or drop down and then you realized you missed something or have to modify the form or drop down it’s a nightmare… 

Replicate the existing drag and drop function in the Database for pipe fields.

Regardless of whether it is in the startform or phase, when you have multiple dynamic fields segmented by conditional rules, it eliminates wasted time to make the user experience exceptional.

Edmar I had actually set them up in a database to start with.  This way they could be updated easily.  But when working with many different pipes, I can only use the fields (display the contents in an email) in the original database and 1 pipe over.  So I ended up deleting the database and including them as regular fields, these can then be copied over into a card when the card is duplicated and I can use the use the information in the automated emails.  

So to your point, yes, that is the ideal set up.  But when working with different pipes and fields it doesn’t work, so the functionality of the drop down either sorting alphabetically or being able to drag and drop would be ideal.  

We'll ship a great improvement here between Q4/Q12021!

Thanks for the feedback!



Cannot wait until this is released. :grinning:

@Juliana Spinardi : I believe this idea can be marked as “Implemented”

Updated idea status Under ConsiderationReleased

Yup yup … our Builder was delivered a month ago, making it a lot easier to edit phases and the start form. The dragging and dropping of fields is not a dream come true! =D


Giovanni Basso

Product Manager @ Pipefy

@Giovanni Basso finding a lot of bugs with the drag and drop function here.

A lot of the time it forgets any dragging and dropping you’ve done and resets. So you have to do it multiple times to get it to work.

Hello, @Keto-Faster. Hope you're doing well. 

Could you kindly open a ticket with our support team via chat so we can investigate your problem? 

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Thank you!