New status for organization members: Vacation

In the organization page we have three status for members: “member”, “Admin” and “Guest”.

My idea is to have a fourth option: “Vacation”. And this option won’t allow the user to log ou use Pipes in a certain period designed by the “Admin” of the corporation :D

I like this idea @Diego Anselmo Saiotti . Maybe it could be an even more general status like “Inactive” or “On Leave”. That way it could be used when someone is on a sick leave or other type of absence from the company as well.

Thank you for your feedback @Diego Anselmo Saiotti! As today Admin, Member and Guest are roles inside Pipefy, “Vacation” doesn’t match the same criteria, but would work indeed as a general status like @Sarah Lane mentioned. I’ll submit this request to our product team, so they can take it into account when we have plans to improve upon these capabilities.

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