Remove Pipefy branding in emails

As suggested, this product feedback follows-up on this post.


As for our use case, we’ll be using Pipefy for some transactional communications with applicants. The Pipefy branding is not small, and takes away the attention that could instead be focused on our own brand, which really is the relevant one here in the eyes of the applicant.


While I do understand why a company would want branding for free or small paid plans, I do not expect such branding to be present on enterprise plans. As a company that focuses on providing smooth operations for both our customers (employers) and all applicants, we really do the best we can to offer omnichannel like communications. Imagine if all the product and services we pay and use to provide those services would end up publicly tagging all that goes out of our systems with their brand :sweat_smile:


So, yeah. Please allow paid (or at least enterprise) customers to remove Pipefy branding from emails and any public pages or communications, when feasible :) 

I second this, 

We are also on the Enterprise and I’m pushing for more options that allow the customization of branding. I tried to use email templates to get around the branding but that results in two emails being forwarded to the submitter. 

@gbdoin @kpinedo Thx for the feedback. I'll take this to our team for further discussion. 

Hi Pipefy, 


This does not seem to have got addressed even after 3 years. You are placing yourslef as 100% white labelling for enterprise plans. Need to remove pipefy branding from emails. Please get it done asap. 

Also, they have added a pipefy branding to embeded forms… It doesn’t seem like Pipey will actually hear us about their brainding everywhere.