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  • 29 January 2024
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{  "data": {    "action": "card.move",    "from": {      "id": 318037803,      "name": "VENDAS A LANÇAR"    },    "to": {      "id": 318037801,      "name": "VENDA LANÇADA"    },    "moved_by": {      "id": 301427266,      "name": "Maycon Alves",      "username": "mayconalves",      "email": "",      "avatar_url": ""    },    "card": {      "id": 865869530,      "title": "Andrezza Silva Neto",      "pipe_id": "S5QmlXq3"    }  }}


The webhook returns the following information, but I wanted to receive the pipe_id number and not this string "pipe_id": "S5QmlXq3"


Best answer by Roberto Chavarria 29 January 2024, 19:06

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4 replies

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Hi @tech-lazertur  how are u? 


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Hi there! This id represents the alphanumerical unique ID of the pipe (suid). You can use this SUID in  a graphql query to get more information about that pipe, including it’s numerical ID, like this:

{   pipe(id:"vJL6poT1"){     name     suid     id   } }

You can read more details regarding pipes and other APIs here 

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Hi @tech-lazertur,
It's exactly like @Roberto Chavarria´s answer, the default answer that will come up in Webhooks for Pipe_id is SUID, which is unique, and which can also be used normally to search for Pipe data via API.


Here are all the more examples of possible answers from Webhook.

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