Query Depth in Pipefy GraphQL

  • 12 January 2024
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Hi Team,

Can you please help with the below queries:
1.For Pipefy GraphQL is there any query depth?
2.How can we check the Pipefy GraphQL query depth?
3.Is there any way that we can the change the query depth?

To Clarify you more please consider the below points:
Query depth:The depth is the number of nesting levels of the field.

For example
The following is a query with a depth of 3.
    a {
        b {
Please go through the below link,of%20the%20queries%20you%20allow.
Likeweise, we want to know for Pipefy is there any query depth?
The query which we have inquiring is of more technical, can you please involve your Dev team and confirm on the details.


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4 replies

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Hi @prasad-bhojane !

You can find more details here:

If you still have dificulties, please let me know!

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Hi @Lais Laudari ,


Thank you for your reply.


From the above link we couldn’t find any info on Maximum Query Depth in Pipefy GraphQL.


Can you please check with your technical team and let us know about the same.




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Hi @prasad-bhojane,

Our technical team will clarify this shortly here in the comments😉

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Hi, @prasad-bhojane,

Today we recommend that you adhere to the following limitations when using the Pipefy GraphQL API.

max_complexity 100
max_depth 15

If you have any questions, feel free to call us.