🎁 Cheers to an Amazing 2024: How we can level up together

  • 21 December 2023
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🎁 Cheers to an Amazing 2024: How we can level up together
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As we enter the new year, we’d love your help inviting new members to join the Pipefy Community!
Referring others is a great way to help grow and engage the Community. The more active members we have, the more opportunities there are for networking, sharing insights, and peer learning. We've created the referral program to encourage you to invite colleagues, friends, or peers who might be interested in joining the conversation here.


🎁You'll receive 100 extra points for each newly registered member you refer. When you’ve referred  3 new registered (all of whom are IT professionals) you'll receive an exclusive Pipefy Community gift, in addition to the points! It's a win-win!😎
📅This promotion will run until the end of March 2024.

Remember to DM @Lais LaudarizxOOjJM03uGja1KlwU6Voeejb8Cfp4U0bYAI7OvI_HBt3aTQdqAR706UUiHNnKZIz1WJmm4v3yySu1dG2hHD_kRh28Krt78O_2Tw7jJ8CJJ6m2zsczToatI0VJOz0q74zO6Aq26cnjU80Wh2yUkr7y0 when your nominee registers, including the nominee's email address in the message.


We count on you to share the Pipefy Community with others who might benefit from and contribute to the discussions here. Let’s continue expanding this informative and collaborative network together!

Let us know if you have any questions about the referral program!😉

Thank you again to all Pipefy Community members for being a part of this journey in 2023! We are so grateful that you’ve chosen to engage with us and participate in valuable discussions this past year.


As we reflect on the accomplishments of 2023, we are filled with excitement and optimism for what 2024 has in store. Your involvement makes all the difference.


We wish you a happy and healthy new year!


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