Guest Permission and Request Area - Beta Program

  • 4 March 2022
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Guest Permission and Request Area - Beta Program
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Hello everyone! 👋


I am here to invite you to our beta/testing program for a two new features we are developing in Pipefy: Guest Permission and Request Area.


If you need to invite external guests to your company and want them to have a proper and safe way to sign in on Pipefy - this is for you! 


We now have a new user permission, called "External guest". Invite as many people as you want with this new role level.


Guests will access your company's Pipefy account and create requests only on select forms that will appear in the Portals tab.

In other words, as an Admin, you can decide which forms your guests will have access to!


Amazing, right? 🤩

Additionally, they will be able to follow their requests in a new Request Area - all of this within your company's account, guaranteeing privacy and security.


Currently, we are opening up a few slots for early adopters who want to test this and provide us with feedback.


If you are interested in that, please fill out THIS FORM! 🚀


Learn more.

6 replies

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@chrgilles @Sarah Lane @genietim 

Take a look! 

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Hi @Danielle Diehl ,


Forgive me for a possibly silly question: but what is the benefit of this membership type? I looked at the “learn more” link and it sounds like all they can do is access forms and create cards. Isn’t that already possible with public forms? I share links to our public forms with my external guests and they complete the form to create a card. How is this new membership any different than that process?

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Hello @Sarah Lane , thanks for your question, not silly at all!


The difference now is that your external guest will have an account within Pipefy, where they will be required to sign in before filling the form and also sign in to follow their requests. Meaning that you can share a form with them without making the form public. 

This is especially beneficial if you don't want your form to be public or if you wanna make sure you don't get requests from people that should not be allowed to send it.

For cases where the form has private/sensitive information, or even if you just want to ensure privacy or have an extra layer of security. 


Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy to assist! ☺️


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Thanks @Danielle Diehl ! That clears it up for me and does make sense. 


Can you tell us more about the “follow their requests” part? According to the article you shared, they aren’t able to edit cards or see the pipes, so what do you mean when you say they can follow their cards? How can they see them?

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@Sarah Lane , glad it is more clear now! 


They will have a tab inside their Pipefy account, called "Requests" where all requests created by them will be displayed as a card. It is pretty similar experience as currently existis in the public link they get in the email after creating a request in the public form. 

Guest will be able to see, for now, updates on that card every time it moves between phases. 

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Very cool to hear about this beta version! It will be very useful in my process.