👥 Honoring Our Standout Community Members of 2023

  • 7 December 2023
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👥 Honoring Our Standout Community Members of 2023
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​The end of the year is a great time to reflect and express gratitude. The Pipefy community has many dedicated members who make valuable contributions all year long. We are fortunate to have resourceful and knowledgeable contributors who actively participate and generously share their expertise!


We’d like to take this time to highlight and thank a few standout community members for their efforts over the past year. We are deeply grateful to those who consistently offer insights, feedback, and support to fellow members. Their ideas and collaborative spirits help improve Pipefy and enrich the community.👏🏻

@marcosmelo, @Ezequiel Souza,  @Lucas Democh and @genietim have become invaluable members of our community. They have posted over 359 helpful replies addressing technical issues, best practices, and feature requests. Their technical know-how and willingness to assist others is greatly appreciated.


Relatively new members @diego-miranda and @antonio-nykael have already made their mark on our community. They provide tailored recommendations based on use cases and never fail to follow up to confirm that their advice is effective. We appreciate them taking the time to share their expertise and look forward to their future contributions.

We now have extra motivation to make member participation even more exciting!  


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We're also thankful for a number of new members who quickly became active and contributed a great deal to the Pipefy Community. In October, we reached the milestone of more than 4,000 community members. We encourage and thank everyone who takes the time to provide thoughtful suggestions, insights to improve our product and community and build meaningful conversations and constructive feedback. Your voices make all the difference.

 From the community team here at Pipefy, we are so grateful for all of our members and excited to see them participate and share their knowledge in the new year.😉


👉🏻What about you? We'd love to hear what you are grateful for!


Take a moment to shout out the members you appreciate to help us spread gratitude throughout our community.




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This is fantastic! This community is truly incredible and has people with different technical personalities. Since joining the community I have been learning a lot from everyone, but at the beginning of my journey here I would like to say a special thank you to @vicente-lemes and @Lucas Democh who helped me a lot. Thank you all very much!

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Happy to contribute!

Thank you all for your interactions!

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@marcosmelo agradeço também suas contribuições! Vamos evoluindo juntos!