🎙 Meet a Superuser - Diego Miranda

  • 1 November 2023
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🎙 Meet a Superuser - Diego Miranda
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This is our last interview of 2023 so don’t miss out on the chance to meet this Superuser! The series will return next year, so stay tuned!


This month we’ll learn about Diego Miranda, Senior Logistics and Warehouse Analyst at One Subsea and Pipefy Community Superuser. He shared a little bit about his experience and results with Pipefy.


> Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What subjects interest you? And your hobbies? What is your position and what company do you work for?

I’m a Senior Logistics and Warehouse Analyst at One Subsea. My name is Diego Miranda, and I’m from Guarulhos-SP but recently moved to Curitiba-PR to take on new career challenges. I’m 32 years old and I’ve worked with logistics for over 12 years, mainly within Customer Success in multinational businesses such as Pepsico and Mondelez.


I transitioned careers to the Oil and Gas Industry within Logistics and Warehouse at Aker Solutions, which recently underwent a transition. It’s now part of One Subsea, a giant in the field of underwater equipment for oil extraction.


I am completely curious and like technology, which leads me to be a film, series and games lover, especially when they are related to fantasy, history or futurism. Other than that, I practice archery, and I'm a musician: I sing, play the sax, and know some basic guitar.


> How do you use Pipefy in your work routine?

We use it mainly for process control within Logistics and Warehouse in the realm of material deliveries to factories, shipping request control, and material collection. We also use it for testing, taking risks to improve communication between areas, creating interconnected flows to facilitate visualization and monitoring by all those interested in a specific process.

> How did you learn to use Pipefy?


I was introduced to the platform by two colleagues from One Subsea who taught me how to take my first steps. I then took the basic course at Pipefy Academy, and I had the opportunity to participate in the Champion Academy in person in Curitiba. My curiosity about the product led to my becoming a big fan of Pipefy, participating in the community and reading topics from other colleagues.


> What were the impacts of adopting Pipefy on your workflow and processes?

We saw a major impact on processing time. We quickly learned how to use the platform because it makes it very easy to visualize processes.

Our systems were no longer rigid; we could now adapt and customize them as changes occurred or as we discovered restrictions. Pipefy allowed us to directly change processes’ forms and quickly adapt to new developments.


> Which Pipefy feature helps you the most with your tasks? And which one do you like to use the most?


I'm torn between automations and conditional fields. They take a little work at the beginning but, once they've been implemented, they provide a high level of security. Unnecessary fields can be hidden depending on the information filled out. It acts as a self-check feature, keeping those involved in the process from making inadvertent mistakes.


Without a doubt, this is what helps me the most. My favorite features, however, are the reports and dashboards! With them I discover bottlenecks that I normally wouldn’t notice, I see how mature a process is and which stages are inefficient, and I can measure the work to evaluate improvements. For me, the possibility of analysis is the key to predicting whether or not if things will go well and if/where improvements could be made.


> What do you see as Pipefy’s differential in relation to other market tools?


Its interface is easy to learn and use. Pipefy also frees our imagination and has a support team that is always active and seeking new opportunities for product improvement. This gives me confidence that we will have a functional tool for a long time.


> Which of the ideas suggested by the Product team is the most useful to you?


A way to maintain history for deleted fields, the possibility of reading fields in PDF files (after posting an NF, it is possible to read the number of that NF in both the search and automatically for the pipe to fill in a field, for example), and conditional rules for moving cards.


> Tell us what it's been like being a Superuser.


At first I was surprised by the level of curiosity Pipefy and its functions inspired in me regarding their possibilities. I had lots of questions, and took a deep dive into the community for answers. When I found out that I’d been named a Superuser, I was surprised. I was also eager to continue exploring solutions and ideas and answering questions as they arise in the community. The more I learn about Pipefy and its features, the more I see its endless possibilities.

> Anything else you would like to add?

I want to thank Pipefy for developing the tool and especially for involving us, day-to-day users, in product improvement suggestions, practical questions, and ideas for interactions. You’ve created a completely living solution that, just like the world today, can quickly change and evolve.


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